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7 Powerful Mental Wellness Techniques for Career Success Success Even during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This interactive, workshop-style program is focused on empowering your employees with a toolbox of techniques they can use to lower and manage their stress.  They’ll also discover:

  • How to react and respond to a challenging situation in a calm, productive manner
  • 15-minute techniques to quickly reduce stress and anxiety
  • Strategies to improve their coping skills

Mental Health in the Workforce:
What Senior Managers need to know to protect your bottom line

Mental health workforce issues reduce company return on investment to the tune of millions of dollars every year. If you have a 5,000 employee workforce, they could, for example, be costing you $7.8MM per year. Understanding how to effectively manage employees struggling with mental health issues will increase your bottom line by reducing absenteeism and improving productivityStephanie Manesis will provide powerful and effective strategies that will empower upper management to reverse the negative impact of employee mental health issues that are affecting your profitability.

Stamping out Stigma:
What you need to know about mental health problems

1 out of every 5 workers has a mental health issue, so it’s critical that employees not be stigmatized because of mental health challenges.  Cultivating a culture where employees speak out when they suspect they or someone else needs help is critical.  Your Senior Managers will discover steps they can take immediately to create a healthier, more invested and more profitable workforce. 


Stay Strong:
How to handle stressful situations with focus and ease

Most people are ill-equipped to emotionally handle emergencies, crises, or acutely stressful situations that arise at work or at home. They lose focus, drive, and productivity. Stephanie Manesis will teach your audience how to be more resilient through times of stress and show them:

  • How to reframe their thinking so they can see through stressful situations and find resolutions
  • What they can do NOW to reduce stress so they can focus on tackling the problem at hand
  • Strategies to learn from challenges and see the inherent gifts that challenges provide