About Stephanie Manesis

Stephanie Manesis has worked in the trenches in the corporate world. She has marketed Oil of Olay® and Clearasil® while working at Procter & Gamble and she helped market Lotrimin Athlete’s Foot Product® at Schering-Plough. In addition, as a copywriter, she has helped these brands grow their businesses: Maybelline®, Phisoderm®, Rolodex®, Lego Toys® and Gund Teddy Bears®Not only does Stephanie understand the business world, but she also understands the day-to-day lives of its employees.

Stephanie has a M.B.A. in Marketing and International Business (graduating with honors) and a M.A. in French Studies from New York University. She has lived in 26 different cities, including Chicago, New York City, San José (Costa Rica) and Toulon, (France).

Even though, Stephanie holds the appearance of success, she has experienced many dark months with her journey with bipolar disorder. This mental health challenge has brought her to her knees on several occasions and she has first-hand experience in what she talks about. Her first bipolar episode was at the age of 22 and for sixteen years she managed well. But then her mental health situation changed drastically and she had a very dark 6-year period of her life while living in Wisconsin. After this painful time, Stephanie Manesis picked herself up and returned to her highly creative and productive life. Stephanie Manesis went on to working with horses and pursuing her dream of teaching French, Spanish and English as a Second Language to children and adults. Before she became a Mental Wellness Speaker, Stephanie started producing and directing a WWII documentary about compassion and the battlefield, beginning the process of realizing a creative dream she’s had for many years. Most importantly, with courage and perseverance, Stephanie Manesis never gives up hope. She is an authentic, riveting and memorable speaker and consultant, whose powerful and passionate telling of her own journey with bipolar impacts audiences and how they view mental health. Through Stephanie’s inspiring speeches, powerful techniques on achieving mental wellness, her compelling stories and willingness to take on stigmatizing subjects, she helps others break down their misperceptions about mental health problems.  Her work brings an important compassionate voice to the world of mental health. When you’re searching for a Mental Wellness Speaker to inspire, motivate, and educate your audience on the impact mental health has on their lives and careers, Stephanie Manesis is the only one you should call. To discover what Stephanie can teach your audiences, call 701-237-4788 or email stephanie@risetoharmony.com.