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The Untold Story of Psychiatric Institutionalization

Stephanie Manesis was hospitalized for more than a year in a state hospital where she experienced many traumatic situations. It took her years to heal from this trauma. Stephanie provides an intimate look into institutionalized mental health care at the state level.  With wisdom and humor, she shares this personally painful story with her audiences.

Managing Bipolar Disorder for Success in Life!

Stephanie Manesis will talk about her challenging journey with bipolar disorder and how she applies different mental wellness techniques for personal success. She now lives a thriving life despite having a debilitating mental health condition and she shares with audiences an inside perspective to her daily life and how she manages to flourish.

Stay Strong:
Finding Resilience to Move Forward Even in the Face of a Serious Mental Illness

Stephanie Manesis will talk about her harrowing journey with bipolar disorder, her entanglement with the legal system and her year-long institutionalization in a state hospital where she endured many traumas. Despite these painful years, Stephanie Manesis tells the tale of how she got back on her feet and began to thrive again. Her talk provides audiences encouragement and trust in their own abilities to tackle life’s challenges.

Stamping out Stigma:
How We Can Create a More Nurturing, Inclusive World

The stigma and shame with mental health challenges can be crippling. Stephanie Manesis shares her journey with these issues, as well as her life with bipolar disorder. She offers her unique perspective on how we can shift the stigma and shame in our culture to one of compassion.