Secondary and post-secondary schools who hire Rise to Harmony:

Popular Keynote and Half-Day Seminar Programs

Achieving Your Goals During School – 5 Powerful Mental Wellness Techniques to Promote Success!

Are you feeling overwhelmed, discouraged or super stressed in school? If so, this talk is for you! Find out how 7 powerful mental wellness techniques can help you be successful in school… and how these techniques can be used for a lifetime!

What You Need to Know about Suicide Prevention

The suicide rate among young adults ages 15-24 has tripled since the 1950’s and it is the second leading cause of death for this age group.  Tragically, there are 1,100 suicides at colleges per year. Learn the warning signs of suicidal thoughts and the concrete steps that you can take to help prevent such tragedies.

Overcoming Adversity and Succeeding in College

Are you grieving the loss of a relationship, job or loved one?  Are you feeling that life is just “too hard”?  Learn traits that help people succeed and discover powerful techniques that can help you build resilience and live a more positive and enriched life!  Stephanie Manesis shares her harrowing journey with bipolar disorder and how she persevered despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Her talk provides students encouragement and trust in their own abilities to tackle life’s challenges.

Stamping out Stigma - Creating a More Compassionate World

The stigma and shame with mental health challenges can be crippling. Stephanie Manesis shares her journey with these issues, as well as her life with bipolar disorder. She offers her unique perspective on how we can shift the stigma and shame in our culture to one of compassion.