About Shar Hanson

Shar Hanson has four years of experience as a security analyst in the healthcare field. Prior to working in the security analysis field, Shar owned her own daycare business for 20 years where she worked with children with mental and physical disabilities. She also worked at a care facility taking care of individuals with mental and physical challenges. In the mid-1990s. Shar was a speaker for HeadStart.

Having a mental condition herself, Shar lives with bipolar II (a less serious form than bipolar I), anxiety and PTSD. Shar’s mental health challenges were instrumental in the break -up of her two marriages. After finally making the painful decision to give up her sixth child for adoption, Shar got very serious about being more proactive with her mental health. With the right medications, behavior modifications and cognitive behavioral techniques, Shar has turned around her mental health situation so that she is now thriving. Shar also has an adult son with Schizophrenia.

Shar has an Associate’s Degree from Interstate Business College in Bismarck, ND and is currently working online on her Bachelor’s Degree from Trident University. She has volunteered with the Special Olympics for 8 years.

Shar has been journaled her struggles for the last 20 years and is now working on publishing her book titled “Living Outside the Picket Fence.”  She has devoted her life to being an advocate for herself and others who suffer with mental health conditions.

As a Mental Wellness Speaker, Shar shares with audiences her own struggles and those of her son with wisdom, clarity and humor.  She is a catalyst for audiences to start taking control of their own mental health destinies. She speaks from the heart and helps others see their own potential.